The proliferation of hate speech and fake news on social media has led to companies coming under increased pressure to take it down quickly. In a draft policy paper, the European Commission says there is a "high degree of variation in the approaches taken to removal of illegal content - be it incitement to terrorism, hate speech, child sexual abuse material, or infringements of intellectual property rights". "Such divergences may be justified in some cases (e.g. for certain types of illegal content); but in other cases they reduce the effectiveness of the system (e.g. by delaying the removal of terrorist propaganda)." The Commission says it may come forward with legislative and/or non-legislative instruments by the end of the year to address "legal fragmentation and uncertainty related to the removal of illegal content by online platforms". Germany last month unveiled a law which would fine social media companies up to 50 million euros ($53.62 million) if they fail to remove hate postings quickly, prompting concerns it could threaten free speech. Facebook, Twitter, Google's YouTube and Microsoft (MSFT.O) last year agreed to an EU code of conduct to tackle online hate speech within 24 hours, but were criticized by the Commission for not being fast enough. Companies say they are in a difficult position as they are not liable for content posted on their platforms and not required to actively monitor what goes up. However, they do have to take down illegal content when notified.

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Prior to New Relic, Ryanair had limited visibility into the performance of their website. Armed with page load times, the operations team didnt have the visibility or data needed to quickly determine the cause of any slowdown. After experimenting with New Relic on their mobile site, Ryanair quickly saw its value, deploying it to monitor their customer-facing web systems through development, integration, user acceptance testing, pre-production, staging, and production environments. New Relic has enabled Ryanair to improve web performance, customer experiences, and better understand their digital business, including: Greatly reduce the time and steps it takes to troubleshoot and pinpoint performance issues; Enable the infrastructure team to effectively move to and manage ongoing a new complex microservices architecture without adding staff; Understand trends and report on metrics impacting the business such as segments sold, online check-ins, flight availability searches, and online account signups; Effectively monitor and determine if there are issues with third-party services such as payment services; and Track potential cyberattacks and other fraudulent behavior through monitoring of end-points and custom alerting on metrics such as payments. Executive Comments Two years ago, with a much simpler online booking site, we had four people responsible for our customer-facing website infrastructure. Today, our site is much more complicated offing bookings, account management, and other travel services, with the same four people responsible for the infrastructure and that's only because of New Relic, said Declan Costello, infrastructure and operations manager at Ryanair. New Relic is our single, global source of truth for our web and mobile operations. In addition to the health and performance of the site New Relic provides important metrics on our business which are watched across our executive team. New Relic is proud to partner with Europes digital leaders such as Ryanair to deliver highly performant, excellent digital customer experiences, and also uncover new opportunities and drive results, said Bruno Teuber, senior vice president, EMEA enterprise sales at New Relic. Ryanair is among the enterprises scheduled to appear at New Relics FutureStack: London event on May 24, 2017. Additional event details and registration is available here . About Ryanair Ryanair is Europes favourite airline, carrying 120m p.a.

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