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Of course we like to have fashionable products, but we are a sports company. But it was lifestyle products, more than performance, that drove the companys stellar results for the year. Globally, Adidas saw sales rise 14% (pdf) to about 19.3 billion ($20.4 billion). Sales of lifestyle items grew 45%, Rorsted said, compared to only 13% for เสื้อผ้ายกโหลราคาส่ง performance-wear. IBM has figured out how to store data on a single atom Sales of retro sneakers like Superstars and Stan Smiths have boomed over the past year, and similar fashion items have helped Adidas to regain ground against rival Nike in the critical US market: Adidas more than doubled its share of the US athletic footwear market to 10% in January. In addition to sales of retro sneakers and popular new franchises, such as the NMDthe company literally couldnt make enough of the Boost soles it uses on the NMD and other models to keep up with demandAdidas found success in 2016 with new programs designed to speed up supply. In its annual report (pdf), the company said it cut production lead times to two months for 80% of its apparel in the fall/winter 2017 season, compared to the 12 to 18-month lead time that has been standard for the major part of its business. View photos East African khat leaf is traded and chewed mostly by men, but its a global business because of women Adidas has been investing in projects such as factories in Germany and the US that will allow it to get top-selling items on shelves much faster than manufacturing in Asia (where Adidas still makes most of its goods) and shipping them in. The strategy is exactly the same as the one that has made fast-fashion retailers Zara and H&M so successful: It allows Adidas to make less product up front, and to quickly replenish items that are selling well. That way, it ends up with less unsold product later, improving its margins. The company acknowledged as much when talking about its Neo line, which focuses on a younger, more price-conscious consumer.

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