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Look, feminism doesn’t need gatekeepers, but if a video featuring naked women being told, “I know you want it” by clothed men is “feminist”, then I think we can all agree that the word “feminism” has now become about as meaningless as “ironic” is in the oeuvre of Alanis Morissette . I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why anyone would expect feminist statements from anyone who appeared in that Blurred Lines video, and I am fully including Thicke and Pharrell in that. It’s cool that Ratajkowski does work for Planned Parenthood but I think we dealt with the idea that stripping could be a feminist act back in the 90s and we really don’t need to rehash all that nonsense again. It’s OK, Emily! Not everything you do has to be feminist – it’s fine. But justifying everything you do as a feminist act is nonsense. Is shopping feminist? How about getting a massage? No and no. Feminism is about fighting for collective equality between the sexes, it is not about personal and individual “empowerment”.

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You cannot find peace by avoiding life. #quotes #fashion

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