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Despite Aeroflot's denials, the flight attendants feel they were discriminated against for being too "old, fat and ugly" which has led to them adopting the insult into a name for their group "S.T.S." - an abbreviation of the words in cheap flights to las vegas from jacksonville fl their original Russian. #Russia 's @Aeroflot is a sexist & ageist #airline , which dismisses its female workers if they gain weight: https://t.co/FuEYxY0BDD Alex Kokcharov (@AlexKokcharov) April 20, 2017 One of the flight attendants filing a suit against the airline, Evgeniya Magurina, said that the airline had been quietly introducing these new rules determining how female employees should look. She said: "All stewardesses were photographed, measured and weighed by the airline in June last year, supposedly to have new uniforms ordered. "When my boss looked at my photo, he said: "Zhenya, you know, your cheeks are too big for international flights. And you have big breasts, so you should be wearing a sports bra." This is the way they explained to me the new rules." "Everyone older than 40 or with clothing size larger than small or medium was taken off international flights," and claimed that staff had to be between 5,2" and 5,6". However, the lawsuit was a failure has with Moscow's court rejecteing their "sex discrimination" claim. The airline has denied these claims in an official statement: "Aeroflot does not discriminate on age, sex, flights weight, appearance, religious or political convictions, or indeed any other grounds. The claim that the expert medical commission has been instructed to remove 'old and ugly' cabin crew from flight duties is untrue." The airline has however, admitted that every extra kilogram of weight leads to extra costs of around 800 roubles (11) per year. Serfei Kovalyoy, who is representing the airline in the case, said that Russian labour laws allowed employers to consider how "elevated body dimensions prevent the rapid movement of a flight attendant on the aisles". He also explained that excessive weight of employees could slow down the aircraft evacuations in the case of an emergency. Aeroflot has been recently rated as Russia's "most powerful brand", and the company have explained that the flight attendants are the face of their airline as the national carrier for Russia so count as the country's "business card".

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