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They argue instead for a "soft" version, prioritizing some form of continued access to the single market in order to minimize economic damage. While European leaders try to gauge what to expect from Britain, May is so weakened that her own finance minister and the partners on whom she will rely for her majority, Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, are giving her public guidance. "My clear view, and I believe the view of the majority of people in Britain, is that we should prioritize protecting jobs, protecting economic growth, protecting prosperity as we enter those negotiations," finance minister Philip Hammond said. While Britain's economy has shown unexpected resilience since the Brexit vote, there are signs of weakness. Business leaders say the uncertainty means they are having to plan on the assumption that Britain leaves without a proper deal. "Everything is all over the place," said a senior executive responsible for Brexit preparations at a FTSE 100 company. "It's a bit of a dog's breakfast at the moment because there is a lot of maneuvering and a lot of moving parts." Brexiteers accept there is likely to be some short-term economic pain but say Britain will thrive in the longer term if cut loose from what they see as a doomed experiment in German-dominated unity and excessive debt-funded welfare spending. Opponents of Brexit fear that ditching a 60-year strategy of trying to hedge European integration with a special relationship with Washington or a brittle Commonwealth of former colonies would undermine what remains of Britain's global influence. The first issue at the Brussels talks will be the status of millions of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom and British residents of the other 27 countries, including their right to stay, to work, and to access medical care.

What do you talk about with your best friends? Do you actually open up in front of them? Or is the focus solely on the need for banter? When you stop over at a friends place what do you actually do? Do you watch movies? Drink beer? Or do face masks? Women talk about boobs, a lot. We compare sizes, nipples and even firmness.

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