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(Respondents could choose more than one answer.) Consumers recognize the central importance of a mattress to a good night’s sleep: They also know a complete sleep ensemble includes more than just a mattress. But, as we’ll see, plenty of people are sleeping without the bedding accessories that many in the sleep products industry know provide real value to consumers—from protectors that help keep a mattress set clean and sanitary (and help maintain the warranty) to linens that can regulate temperatures and make a sleep environment more comfortable. To wit: Virtually all consumers regularly use pillows and sheets and more than half use a mattress pad (52%) but only 25% of BSC survey respondents report using a mattress protector. Or, to look at it another way, many consumers never use mattress toppers (38%), mattress protectors (30%), mattress pads (26%), bed covers/decorative pillows (16%) and comforters/duvets (11%). This is a potential area of growth for the industry, which could better educate consumers about the value of some of these accessories. Survey results also indicate that producers of sleep accessories could do a more effective job explaining to consumers the value of a complete sleep ensemble, encouraging them to, when buying a new mattress or mattress set, purchase appropriate accessories—from pillows to protectors to sheets to comforters/duvets—at the same time to maximize the benefits of all pieces and provide the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. The purchase of a new mattress does appear to prompt some consumers to buy new sleep accessories, too, but the numbers are less than impressive. Of survey respondents who had purchased a mattress in the past five years, 32% also bought pillows, 27% purchased mattress protectors, 24% sheets, 24% mattress pads, 17% bed covers/decorative pillows, 17% comforters/duvets and 15% mattress toppers. That means the bulk of mattress buyers are dressing their brand-new beds in old, potentially worn-out pillows, linens, etc. Worse, some of the old accessories they are putting on their beds actually could interfere with the benefits of their new mattress (for example, a lumpy mattress pad that ruins the feel of a smooth-top foam construction ผ้าปูที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ลายการ์ตูน or mitigates temperature-regulating features of the bed).

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