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The Difficulty of Shopping on Wheels

She wrote of a recent shopping trip: “I didn't fit into the room so I asked if I could return what doesn't fit. They said no, they have a no return/exchange policy. I said they should make a dressing room that's actually accessible.” Aside from problems with dressing rooms, many commented on a common lack of aisle space in clothing stores and the problems it can cause, like not being able to access a rack or getting clothes stuck to mobility devices. Vanessa’s account of an incident in this category took the cake: “I actually took down an entire rack of clothes once because there wasn't quite enough space for me — super embarrassing! Nobody who worked there even came to help me. In fact, two customers stopped to pick the rack up for me cause I was stuck.” I wish I couldn’t relate, but I can. Like many who contributed their stories, I have problems with clothes hung on walls, not only because they’re had to reach but because it’s hard to see the sizes. And Tyrone Crook’s shopping experience complaint goes a little deeper than wall displays. Crook, who has PHACE syndrome , told Racked, “I just hate shopping, as the sales associate treats me [like I’m] ‘nothing’ and always speaks to the person with me.

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