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Some businesses are on edge, too. Amid fierce customer opposition to Trump's immigration order, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick dropped out of a White House business council. Other executives fear theirs could be the next company to รองเท้าผ้าใบ wind up in Trump's crosshairs for a high-cost government contract or overseas factory move. "There's dread in corporate America to wake up every morning and see what the latest tweet is," said Tony Podesta, a prominent Washington lobbyist. At government agencies, many of which are waiting for Cabinet secretaries to be confirmed, career employees and holdovers from the Obama administration are sorting through executive orders that landed on their desks with little notice, compared with the lengthy interagency discussions that usually precede major policy announcements. The rollout of travel ban was so helter-skelter that a Justice Department lawyer defending the order in court Friday didn't know how many visa-holders have been affected. The lawyer told a judge that 100,000 visa-holders have had their visa cancelled, while the State Department later clarified that it was actually fewer than 60,000 people. With the ban on hold, the State Department said Saturday it reversed the visa revocation. Trump aides blame any early instability in government agencies on the backlog of Cabinet nominees waiting for confirmation votes in the Senate. The president has just five Cabinet nominees confirmed, far less than Obama at this point in his tenure. But Rep.

When Facebook IPO'ed, they trumpeted how the audience on an average Facebook day was triple the size of the audience that watched the American Idol finale. That was 5 years ago. Yet, most Facebook ads are still direct response. Brand advertising is still squarely with TV. Why? Probably engagement in that context is better (even though we're more and more distracted by our phones). Will it eventually shift over? Yes, but probably a lot slower than IPO bankers would have you believe. Snapchat is a unique property. A few years ago when Facebook tried to buy them for $3 billion, I argued that they were smart to say no. And they clearly were.

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