A model wears a hijab as part of the Anniesa Hasibuan collection at New York Fashion Week 2016 They generate millions of views and shares but some women cite increasing pressure to appear fashionable as a reason to stop covering their heads. They feel something sacred is being undermined by commercialism. Khadija Ahmed is the editor of a new online magazine called Another Lenz, but wrote a personal story of how she wore the hijab for two years, then took the decision to stop wearing it. She told BBC Trending she felt pressured by the images she saw in advertising and on social media. "I don't feel that the brands are doing us a favour - we don't need the approval of the mainstream companies to approve of our identity," Ahmed says. "It's not doing anything for the Muslim community other than reducing the hijab - which I see as an act of worship - into something as simple as a fashion statement." Then there are feminists who have quite a different interpretation of the headscarf, particularly in countries where it is mandatory. Masih Alinejad is an Iranian activist เสื้อครอบครัว พ่อ แม่ ลูก and journalist who started the Facebook campaign " My stealthy freedom ", showing women in Iran removing their hijabs in defiance of the state. "I think the media in the West want to normalise the hijab issue - they want to talk about minority Muslims in the West, but they totally forget there are millions of women in Muslim countries that are forced to wear the hijab," Alinejad says. "If you want to talk about the hijab and introduce it as a sign of feminists or resistance you have to think about those girls and women who are forced to wear it," she says. And for more Trending stories, download our podcast So with the potential of a growing online backlash, why are brands keen to show off this particular religious garment? Shelina Janmohamed is vice president of Ogilvy Noor, part of the giant advertising and marketing agency WPP.

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