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The parties have just three weeks to overcome their differences. Earlier, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams criticised the UK government, saying it was "going to make all the mistakes that it has made in the past" in Northern Ireland. "The British government's general approach illustrates perfectly that they are part of the problem and without a fundamental change on their part there can't be the type of progress people want to see here," said Mr Adams. 'Reassuring unionists' SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said while the party would negotiate with anybody, Arlene Foster could not be nominated as first minister whilst the "cloud of scandal continues". But Mr Eastwood had words of reassurance for unionists, saying: "We're not out to destroy your culture or identity, we're out to work with you." Stephen Farry of the Alliance Party said that while Mr Brokenshire had a major role to play in the way forward, he had to take more care to บิกินี่ be impartial. "At times the UK government have been, and indeed the Conservative Party, too close to the perspective of the DUP rather than actually acting as an impartial broker between the parties," he said. Mr Brokenshire said the primary responsibility lay with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Fein to use the "limited window" now open. Both parties say they want to see power-sharing restored, reports BBC News NI Political Editor Mark Devenport. But Sinn Fein is objecting to Arlene Foster returning as first minister while an inquiry into the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal remains under way, adds our editor and, so far, there's no sign of how this immediate problem might be resolved. Media captionBBC News NI looks at the next steps for the Stormont Assembly Mrs Foster set up the botched energy scheme, which could cost the Northern Ireland tax payer 490m. Her refusal to stand aside during the inquiry was the catalyst for Martin McGuinness' resignation as deputy first minister in January, triggering the collapse of the DUP and Sinn Fein-led coalition government and forcing last week's snap election.

John Lyons Jr., 53, of Collegeville, was charged with invasion of privacy and related offenses, court records state. On Saturday, Feb. 18, Perkiomen Valley High School hosted the Perkiomen Invitational Swim Meet, where a man was seen allegedly using a cell phone to record activity in the boys locker room, the district said, as reported by the Pennsylvania State Police in Skippack. Due to the large size of the event, the boys locker room was being used by female athletes attending the swim meet. State police arrived at the school to investigate the incident, which has resulted in invasion of privacy and other charges for the suspect. The students in the locker room at the time of the incident were clothed, either in street clothes or bathing suits, and they were not Perkiomen Valley High School athletes, the district said. Two security officers were also on duty during the invitational, as is district practice for many high school athletic tournaments and events. Nevertheless, administration is greatly concerned by this incident and will be reviewing what additional precautionary measures can be taken to protect students safety while they are using school locker rooms at public sporting events, the district said. School officials urge coaches, parents, volunteers and students to remain vigilant while attending athletic why not try here events and to report any suspicious behavior in order to keep our students safe, the district said.

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